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  1. Father.

    You made me so happy with that…
    You made, oh You made. You made my day, my week, my year…

    “As it is written: I have gone out like a mighty Man, like a Man of War I stir up My Zeal; The enemy shall hear My Cry, he shall hear My Shout and I shall show Myself Mighty on your behalf against your foes!”

    Who will mess with me? I am in the presence of the Lion of Judah (Yaudah)! The enemy is UNDER MY FEET!

    “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. Do not ever settle for less than My great and precious Promises.

    I have provided you a better covenant with better promises, so believe for My Ultimate Victory in every area of your life.”

    I believe, and by Your Grace i will not settle with less than my portion and all gifts that You have for me, Your son. Nothing less that The Almighty, the only Good Father, and the King of the Kings has to His sons, His Kingdom. I hold on Your promises; You are faithful, good, and powerful to fulfill.

    Thank You. Keep holding me in You hands, keep me close to Your Heart.
    In You i will find happiness. Fill me; i want to know what really really is. I know that You will show me.

    (John 14:27)

    Hold on, hold on His promises; hold on Him!
    Grace and Peace in Christ for all.

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