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  1. I totally agree with Robert…. the Holy Spirit is a person part of the Tribune God… and yes when touched by the Holy Spirit as He wills can and will affect your feelings

    .when Jesus found out Lazarus had died He cried…. take peace for example how do you know you have it… by the uplift in your inner spirit of course… how do we discern if we cannot feel peace or upset… these are all feelings… I’m sorry but we were given feelings for a reason… if Jesus was touched by sorrow then are also touched by sorrow…. our feelings can cause us to cry.. be joyful..be sorrowful and such as we are touched by Gods Holy Spirit

  2. If we understand that the Holy Spirit is not some flying “entity” that suddenly can enter the room but is the exact same thing as God’s Holy (from human separated) thoughts) then we understand that the sign of the “outporing” of the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with feelings, whether it is crying of laughing.

    Crying or any other human soulish reaction is not a specific sign of “humbleness before God” and can be found in every place where people are gathered together and “feel” and experience something together.

    God’s true people who will arise in this last hour are not touched by any feelings but will walk in a strong Spirit which is developed and trained by God’s Holy thoughts alone.

  3. That type of worship is coming. Almost a lost art. Humble worship led by humble leaders in a spirit of service and hospitality. These will be noble leaders. Not noble in a hereditary way, noble like noble metals — resistant to corruption — there only for God and the people.

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