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  1. Thank you so much my dear sister Debra!
    I never wanted to expose or share the enemy’s evil schemes and plot, unless I was a victim, my and my son’s lives and destinies mocked, blocked, ruined. So while I am on the road to my mother and father, and some more of family and friends, I want to confirm one special sentence: “The enemy seeks every door to get in…”  That has been again in this night before my journey.
    He left his sign of “might” again through small stones at the inner door side ! They have many many connections and can enter like thieves. And Bible tells us WHO comes like a thief in the night. Devil himself!  So my precious brothers and sisters:
    Please do not misinterpret my public help cry for prayers. I need them. While on my bed in prayer, the LORD gave me Psalm 78:53. God knows, we are not fearful little babies. But HE tells us a few hundred times throughout His Holy Word: FEAR NOT!
    While I type this on phone, the hidden stalkers changed text and made it almost impossible to send. ALL FOR JESUS, ALL FOR TRUTH, and for the deliverance of many people under oppression I did and do this all. That they come to FREEDOM.
    Book: FEAR NOT!
    So He knows – His children often fear. I once was so strong, powerful and fearless. Exactly this the devil and his friends and helpers can’t stand. They hate my strength in the LORD. They hate my freedom. My sister – I understand what you share today. I always esteem your articles. When I go where I must go, “serving the Lord with trembling and fear” – I promise you my friends to focus on God’s light, love and promises. And I will give my best to walk in fearlessness. I am taking a high-speed train to Frankfurt now (4h 8 min) and from there a car, for one of my parents is in a senior home and many places are not reachable by public traffic.

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