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Open Your Mouths Wide and The LORD Will Fill It! — 11 Comments

  1. YES I admit these sections in Sister Veronica message represent my lack…

    “Do not be moved or intimidated or controlled by the voices of fear and discouragement that seek to distract and derail your faith, hope and expectation for the future plans I have for you.

    Do you not trust Me?

    How long must My Spirit of Truth strive with you?

    Are you still satisfied with the milk of My Word?

    And do you not yet have an appetite for the strong meat of My Word?

    When will you go onto maturity and take Me at My Word?

    Is My governing Hand too short or too slow for your liking?

    Has your double mindedness made your Faith weak and ineffective and leaning on your own understanding made My Anointing and Authority of no effect, powerless to push back the darkness that surrounds you?

    Oh My Beloved, come unto Me and let us go up higher and you will see things from My Heavenly Perspective and thus you will find you are lacking in nothing, but have been given everything pertaining to life and victory.

    Why are there so many doubts, double-talk and double standards among My People? And yet they seek Me for a double portion anointing?

    For I tell, you have not discerned the times and the seasons correctly and you have become blinded and blindsided to the subtle tactics of Satan, who desires to dismantle the spirit unity in the midst of you, with back biting and gossip — for he knows a house divided cannot stand.”

    AMEN, let GOD be true & men a total liar☝☝☝⏰⌚

  2. This is a powerful Word Dear Sister. Received, affirmed and valued. This is a time like no other. These Words are a war cry, a mantra for us as Overcomers to receive and trust Father for all that is needed. So grateful for your faithfulness and diligence to bring forth such a timely exhortation. Amen!

  3. Praise the Lord.
    I6 believe and receive the word spoken by and through the prophet of God.
    I completely yield to the revealed word and expect it’s immediate manifestation in my life
    Glory to God.

  4. The face mask, which has not been scientifically attested to stop the spread of covid, is rather a symbol of the spiritual “gag and muzzle” of this word.  This is a time of a general silencing, where public speakers are “de-platformed” and where people that challenge an official and lying narrative are “cancelled” from social media.

    Maybe, when the spiritual “gag and muzzle” comes off, this time of silencing will end? 

    When they tried to intimidate the Early Church into silence, her response was to pray for boldness [Acts 4:29], and she then became unstoppable.

  5. Thank you Veronika this was a powerful word on many levels. A real sense of the Fear of The Lord on this word. Thank you.

  6. Thank You God!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
    Sheesh…the timing of this Word could NOT have been more perfect!!
    The persecution is wicked bad, but every single time He has gone before me and made the way clear…literally!!
    I will stand still today and know Lord that You alone are God!!
    Thank you Veronica!!
    I declare you are blessed beautiful lady!!

  7. Praise God and thank you for speaking.  God so wants us to step out at this time and believe.  His word is never returned void.  As I was taken into a heavenly realm in a vision this morning I was brought to grieve for all the children in the Nations and cry out to God.  At the same time I was smiling in this vision to see all His Glory and how happy the children are in the heavens.  God also addressed something with feelings of insufficiency and not enough for my parents through life. I had been dealing with this for many years but didn’t realize what had brought this on until recently.  I have been crying out to Him to remove this from my inner being and searching for what I needed to change in myself.  I literally felt someone was inside me scrubbing away all the old to bring in the new.  Praise God He is faithful and always on time.  HE is the great deliverer Who awoke me this morning feeling refreshed and empowered.  God Bless!

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