Our Assurance is in Him! — 2 Comments

  1. I too have gone to the Psalm many times.  Psalm right before, Psalm 90 a prayer of Moses is also powerful and timely.  “Time is Short” make good use of our time! Stewardship of time, of The Word and applying the “instruction Book’s statutes,commandments and precepts with understanding. I have said and continue to say.  A “stronghold” in the Body of Christ is “food and drink” Chemical warfare is a spiritual war within us all!  The first 5 Books is our 5 senses. We must not “open the door to the enemy through our senses especially taste!!!!  May God speak to your spirital ears and you see with your spiritual eyes.  The last 32 yrs I have studied this because of my own physical health battles. Your sistr in Christ, Nancy Holste Fall City, Washington.

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