Overcoming the Spirit of Fear


Heavenly Father,

I come before You with open, empty and up-turned hands.  I come before You in submissiveness; with an ache in my innermost being for time with You.

Oh Father, I long to hear Your words, to hear Your guidance for me.  You have told us to be in this world, but not of this world.  I confess Father, that the world has been crushing me and I have struggled; I am struggling.  As I look around, all I see is a world going against You and Your wishes and I feel so ashamed of my part in this scene; I feel so small; so useless; so guilty.

Please Lord, hear my prayer.  Please cause changes in me.  Changes which will make a difference in my life, deep in my inner self; changes which will allow me to change permanently and come closer to You.  I so very much want to follow on this narrow, narrow path upon which You have set my feet.  I want to run my race for You.  I want to endure and win, for You.

But I confess Lord, I have allowed the spirit of fear to rule my life, instead of the Spirit of Boldness which Your Holy Spirit yearns to impart into my life.  I have constantly looked at others thinking “oh I wish I could do that,” yet, deep down inside I knew I could.  But I am so ashamed of failure, so ashamed of what others will think of me, that I am no longer even trying.  I am no longer reaching out for You in the way I know can and should.  I am so ashamed Lord, to the very pit of my being.

Father, please shine Your clear, clean healing light into my innermost being and dissolve away all shadows of darkness within me.  Let there be no shadows of turning from You, left within me.  Please hold me, hold me ever so tightly.  I need you so very much in my life now.  Now, this very moment.  I need You in charge of my life.  I need You to take control of my will.  All I am is Yours, and Yours alone.

As I pray before you, Lord, I acknowledge my guilt of listening to the lies of the enemy and putting these lies before Your word, before Your Truth.  I have trusted in the lies of the enemy, rather in Your Truth.  Please forgive me.  Please breathe into me Your Spirit of Boldness which will overcome and cast out the lies of the enemy.

In the Name of Jesus, I loose all strongholds of the enemy I have built or have allowed to be built in me for self protection.  I loose them all in the name of Jesus and in His almighty name I crush them and demolish them all and I wipe them away.  I come against you, spirit of fear and bind you in the name of Jesus, and in His name, I demand that you leave me now and never return.  I acknowledge Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and I disavow and nullify any and all agreements I have made with the spirit of fear in the past.  I pray the Blood of Jesus over me, that it will wash away all and any remaining stronghold debris.

I pray Lord, that you will fill me now anew with Your Holy Spirit.  I pray that you will also embolden me and fill me with understandings of these times in which I live and all the activities of the enemy, that I may be on guard against him all the time.  I pray, Lord, that you will open my spiritual eyes and ears so that no longer will I be deceived by the lies and ruses of the enemy.

Father, as I look out at the world from now on, let me no longer see horrendous problems, but rather wonderful opportunities for doing Your will and Your work in this world.  Please also replace all the opportunities which the enemy has stolen from me in the past, opportunities to serve You and serve others humbly and with a true Christ-like spirit.  For the rest of my life, let me see opportunities to disciple, to serve and to teach for You, and not to run and hide from him.  No Lord!!  Let the lion run from me as I go forward in Your name as Your servant and disciple doing Your works with courage and boldndess.

I recognise that You are indeed the living Lord God Almighty and there is nothing in your will which You are unable to do.

I recognise also that the enemy is the father of lies and the truth is not in him.  In the past I have been infirm with fear and could not stand.  Now Father, I stand with You and I don my full armour which I shall not take off.  Please, Father, provide also a Saint who will mentor me and help keep me aligned with you.  Lead me Lord to this person, for I know I need to be acountable.

I recognise also that fear has caused me to be out of control and react angrily and impatiently in the midst of changes.  With Your help, Oh Lord, I will be able to overcome my present state and fulfill that destiny for me which You wrote before the earth was formed.  Please, give me a spirit of calm and patience and the wisdom and ability to control my tongue.  I recognise Lord, that fear has caused me to strike out at the innocents and those weaker than I.  I hang my head in shame as I recall and recount these actions and activities.  I repent of them Lord and I humbly seek Your forgiveness.  As you continue to change me Lord, please lead me to those whom I have unjustly accused or offended in my fear.  Help me now, in a posture of humility and love, seek their forgiveness.

Lord, please fll me with love, your prefect love which cass out all fear.

I pray this is the name of Your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Amen and Amen.


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