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Pastors: Backslidden but Preaching — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, a message to hear and remember. I, being born, spiritually speaking, in a apostolic Faith Pentecostal Church.
    I have been in fellowship with various other denominations for the past 30 years. I have been given, what I call, “the Revelation of Grace”, yet I see God handled in most ministry in a second-handed way, (i.e., leader’s speaking, preaching, teaching the word of God but seemingly without a close personal relationship themselves, as well as the body).
    Seems they are all motivated by mandates and church protocols, without flowing with God through the spirit.
    Though I believe many are sincere, yet, void. Being taught, conditioned to be spiritual baby Huey’s. I know that may sound negative but it best describes the growth and maturity level of some God’s children by the church.
    I do understand there would be a degree of error, heresy among the body but the church, (church policy) has taken the left turn somewhere way out the way a long time ago. Recently,
    I recently received message from God, “to till the tillage and sow not among the thorns”.
    I believe God guidance and see he is also pointing out that there is such a thing as a “thorny ministry”.
    Thank you for your words, pastor. They’re true and encouraging.

  2. I have backslid-den and wants forgiveness and a total redemption please pray for my restoration. is it possible to have the same annointing which I had first receive? please pray for me.

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