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Payday is Coming — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you! I decreed the Word of God with boldness that “PADAY is coming, and PAYDAY to the enemy is at hand.”  Amen!

  2. Thank you for your hard work. Always adding the Holy Words of GOD, always accurately selected. And yes – there will be a glorious compensation of reward. I know, and GOD KNOWS, we do this task – working for Righteousness, for the freedom we have in JESUS CHRIST, against oppression, religious pride, but for equality and the fundamental rights all people have in the eyes of our GOD, and we work this task neither for money nor for gold, jewels, cars, houses etc.
    A public prayer: MY FATHER, MY DEAR LORD, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, I ask You: Please let Your righteousness come and overflow the earth ! COME, LORD JESUS COME ! AMEN.

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