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Peace Passing All Understanding! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for this powerful message my dearest sister. Once again thank you for blessing us with the encouraging word in the book of Ps 91. I receive all these words in the Name of Jesus. Amen

  2. Beautiful are your word spoken unto me this day, Abba, for it is indeed confirmation spoken to me this day.
    Glory, to God, Oh how I love you, your words, whenever you speak to me, like right now, Father, Abba, I highly exalt you, your words are beyond precious to me, hoping you can understand this, praying that you would so.
    I desire more and more and abundantly more, for my hunger is always there for you, it never leaves me.
    I don’t understand at times while reading your words, or listening, or whether praising, or in worshiping, why am I moved with tears flowing, like right now Abba?
    I love all people, seems I have more for me, than them that are against me. I don’t understand jealously, hatred, wrong doings,in which others are doing day to day, the evilness, the wickedness, having no love for one another, lovers of self, self-seeking of pleasures, more than seeking you Abba, the creator of all mankind?
    Why am I single out among the Rest? I have encountered many, so many enemies, in my lifetime, and through it all, I loved every single one, yet hated the evil ways about all of them. It is my desire, my heartfelt desire this day, to see the full manifestations come to pass especially at my work, to remove my enemies from before me, in this job, you have given to continue be a blessing, as I much as I love in serving others, with an abundance of joy, love, and satisfactions, for it indeed makes me happy, very well pleased. I love to see the smiles, on the faces of others, as they all come into contact with me, it just makes my day, one of thee best jobs, the perfect one, I ever enjoyed in my lifetime.
    Thank you a million times over for the blessings Abba.
    I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love you. I desire to please you always, help me, understand you more, take
    me higher, bring me into that perfect place you have reserved for me. Fill me to overflowing, let others see you in me, me in you, as I take one
    step at a time, in Jesus name I pray, also asking you to dry my tears, right now. Blessing precious awesome Daddy, you are so deeply loved. Amen !

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