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Political Mayhem in The United Kingdom — 2 Comments

  1. This word is confirmatory for me, since at one time I felt that the Conservative Party would come to an end, and at another time I felt that the Labour Party would also come to an end.  More recently, I sensed the Lord showing me that UK would change beyond recognition.  After the dust settles, I cannot believe the monarchy will be allowed to survive in its present form.  I think that then all the English-speaking nations will adopt constitutions that aspire to achieve what the US Constitution has sought, and in the process become more closely aligned as freedom-loving nations. 

    Civil war has been a historical feature of both England and America.  It arises whenever the forces of oppression, which we see so evidently today, will not back down. There is a need for a peaceful resolution, but there is a need also for righteous leaders who too will not back down. It is time for another Cromwell to arise, but one whom we must pray will not make the same mistakes as before, now that we know that these battles are really spiritual.

  2. The USA and UK are both on a path as described here. Thank GOD that we have a rock for our foundation. The demonic screams will be deafening when GOD allows the truth to come to the light. the Left, ANTIFA, BLM and most MSM will then show their true colors and allegiance

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