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  1. I meant: I do NOT share how dirty his home was. And I did not share and will not share with anybody. GOD knows. I prayed from the bottom of my heart and soul that he gets all help he needs.

  2. This made me remember that I touched an “untouchable” in a small sideway in the Old City of Jerusalem 3 weeks ago. A man sat at the stairs in front of a backyard, so terrible his appearance, his face like a monkey face, full of thick blue scars his entire skin, his face so swollen that his eyes could not easily be seen. Surely it was leprosy or something else. He was so humbly, said, he needs no prayer, and told me, many have prayed for him during his life. Then he invited me to his private room. I do share in detail how dirty his bed was… but I knelt down with in his room and prayed with tears, and yes, he knelt down beside me and finished with Amen. Then he gave me water for my further jouney, a new bottle, 1,5 liter. I accepted his gift humbly. He also gave me a Jesus picture, and his Farewell words were “Shalom, Mother Theresa”. I did not dare to ask for a picture of him, but he said, I can take a picture of him to find him when I come again. He wanted to touch me, my face and my hands, and I allowed it. His neighbours came out to see who was there. Oh my… this was one of the most impressive and humbly experiences in my life.

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