The Power of Oppression – A Revelation about Passover

image iconThe following is a Word received today from Apstle Kimberly Daniels of Kimberly Daniels Ministry International for now.

Passover started yesterday at sundown.  This has a very significant meaning in the spirit.  First of all, calamity, death, and weapons formed against us will PASS US BY! Draw from this principle!  Most of all, Passover is a time that everyone will know who belongs to God.  There will be no question about who is saved or not saved…only those with the blood on the pillars of their doors will be victorious.  The people who put things before God (first) will experience the death of those things.  The firstborn of idolatry will die.  Our oppressors (Egyptians) will be openly dealt with!  The Death Angel will be displaced by our Destiny Angel!  We are covered by the Blood of Jesus and trouble will not be able to see us…PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS!  Provision and protection is our portion.  A thousand will fall to one side and ten thousand to the other but no harm will come nigh our dwelling.  That which was formed to take us out will take us into our destinies.  We must grasp the revelation of the Power of Passover.  Exodus the first chapter says that the more the Egyptians held the people of God down…the more they prospered.  There is POWER IN OPPRESSION if we are in place with God.  Plead the blood of Jesus over all your affairs and concerns.  After the Passover comes deliverance.  Expect great deliverance now! It is a great day in Israel…all of you enemies will be exposed and dealt with.  Haman will be hung and you will rejoice!

Apostle Kim Daniels

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