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  1. I’m dealing with this from my fiance and it is so painful and devastating. We’ll enjoy a few incredible days together abd then…SNAP! He flies off the handle, for no apparent reason. He’ll accuse me of things I did not say or do and he yells and says the most hurtful things…almost always attacking my walk with the Lord.
    I know it’s the enemy abd I battle the demons daily. But I almost always leave because it’s become physical in the past (just once) and I don’t want a replay of that.
    He needs prayer, Brett, my fiance. He us such a beautiful, wonderful, sweet and gentle man!!
    But Satan is out for blood these days. He’s amped up his attacks and no longer seems satisfied with the level of chaos and distress we’ve grown accustomed to.
    Brett and I have a shared destiny, which I’m afraid we’ll miss fulfilling if I can’t get him delivered soon! I’ve battled and battled but need help!
    I had to move heaven and earth about 30 days ago, as hell tried to claim him with congestive heart failure, mitral valve regurgitation and all kinds of heart problems!! His heart is currently only functioning at 36% ~
    I desperately need some prayer warriors to come alongside us. We have no prayer covering at all and are being torn apart. I don’t know how much longer I can hang on.
    His sister is a witch and wants me gone from his life so I have that coming against me constantly as well.

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