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Pray Against Un-Natural Fires in America! — 3 Comments

  1. I believe you saw what a revival looks like, this is a good thing.  When I read this my spirit leapt!
    This is one fire, conflagration I’m praying for!

    • Dear Jay,

      Thanks for your insight.
      That possibility also came to me yesterday as I was reading the latest Word for America and the nations from Prophet Veronika West.
      I pray that is it a correct interpretation of the vision!
      HOWEVER, I just received this in a personal message from a noted prophet:
      “You were right on with your vision regarding the fires in the USA.  Many are unholy fires or started through geo-engineering / HAARP which is run through the evil ones and their agenda to depopulate and destroy everything.”
      We still need clarity on this one…..

      Blessings in Christ Jesus,

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