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  1. Last night I was at the house of my best female friend, many miles from here. Though she was weary and exhausted, she served me as best as she only could, for I was even more exhausted. She spontaneously wanted me to stay overnight, and gave me a long white sleeping dress with filigree roses ! She even took some pictures of me in it. Today she gave it to me for a gift.
    Now listen: At today’s evening my son brought a guest home as so often. He asked me if I would cook a diner. At 9:30 pm… tired… already in pajama… I served in the kitchen. Later then joy and laughter of 2 young men from out of the kitchen. Typing this near midnight 11 on my cell phone in bedroom, tired and knowing the ‘mess’ in the kitchen and a little scared how the breakfast will be organized tomorrow… because no one cleaned it up tonight…
    But: Today I got 1 kilo best coffee, and more gifts, and the precious WITHE DRESS WITH ROSES ! She who gave it to me, once bought it in Saudi Arabia, her home country. Her family are hardcore Muslims, but she asks me daily about our Bible, she loves to hear stories from Jesus and Moses and all about our God. She is a Muslim lady from noble king’s family, directly from Mecca. She did not know about the ROSE OF SHARON and the Lily of the valley…
    Your dream is highly confirmed, dear sister Geraldine.

  2. Kitchen is also a place to nourish and nurture those who come to the table.  We are not to eat as the world eats!!!  Daniel 1:8 purposed not to “defile” his body!  We must change our tastes. Look at eating as a Holy Pleasure with the Lord.  Nancy Holste Fall City Washington

  3. Thank you Lord Jesus for being the Lord over all the earth.
    Exactly Geraldine, we should pray about that. I saw a man who wondered why the prophetic warnings were not sent as there was catastrophe. The warnings were sent, one of them was “arise and shine for His light has come” Veronika West. Mere humans are not to put themselves as lord over the Lord’s possession by using the Ark as talisman as Israel did, when they were defeated by the Philistines. Only the Lord is the Most High, and when He speaks, His prophets are to speak in His timing. Not when mere humans order them to prophecy. Sometimes mere humans want to do things their way by taking the Ark of God and lord over it, instead of praising the Lord Jesus for saving and wait for further instructions. Do not ask prophetic voices to prophecy, ask the Lord to speak to His prophets or you. Only the Lord saves and we are to do things the way and the time the Lord instructs, and because we were warned about the things mentioned above, we can only pray. The best way to align with the Word of God is to worship Him, singing and dancing, see Him as the Most High and the Lord over all the lords. Whatever you do, always continue in the fear of the Lord, and wait for Him with attention. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

  4. Thank you so much for your message. In the 1980’s I heard a word from a prophet god had given her the word Ichabod, the Glory of the Lord has departed.
    Thank you again for bring it to my attention.

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