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  1. Cape Cod Bar, California
    Connected to: Gold mining Copper mining in Michigan Comstock Lode
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Cape Cod Bar is a former settlement in Amador County, California. It was on the south bank of the Cosumnes River, about 3 miles (4.8 km) west-southwest of Enterprise.[1]

    ^ Durham, David L. (1998). California’s Geographic Names: A Gazetteer of Historic and Modern Names of the State. Clovis, Calif.: Word Dancer Press. p. 483. ISBN 1-884995-14-4.
    Municipalities and communities of Amador County, California, United States
    California Gold rush

  2. Cape Cod is also in Auburn, CA. I live in California and no matter the location, she is right to say we need much prayer; we need it desperately. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. Veronika, what you heard about Cape Cod California.  Cape Cod Village, Oceanside, California.  Oceanside is between Los Angeles and San diego.

  4. Believe me – I do not want to overact !
    I thought about what happened here 2 months ago, in a German speaking country. There on a mirror in another small town was written CAPE COD. To no one I have ever written about CAPE COD, but only in mails with this person whose heart is so dearly connected to Cape Cod. I googled it, the place in California, too. There is very close a ZION MARKET. And 10:40 is not only an acronym for tax form… it means much more. 10:40 belt… and 10:40 even has such an intimate meaning for this man and me that I can`t share this public. It is so important that marriages, arranged BY GOD, come to fullfilment. If he plans to marry Mrs Right or Mrs Wrong: MAY ONLY GOD^SD WILL BE DONE !

  5. You can`t imagine what this post means to me. The name CAPE COD…
    Sister – this is more than a confirmation. Even 10:40. Highly prophetic.
    I will pray now.

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