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Pray Psalm 91 Daily For Protection, Provision, Promotion — 5 Comments

  1. 1 TABLE OR 10 TABLES?
    The interfaith movement will bind people. What if you are exposed to 10 false religions at the same time, including pagan religion? Where does interreligious dialogue end and interfaith religion begin?
    1 Cor 10:21 (tpt)
    21 You can’t drink from the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You can’t feast at the table of the Lord and feast[a] at the table of demons. 22 Who would ever want to arouse the Lord’s jealousy? Is that something you think you’re strong enough to endure?[b]
    10:21 Or “participate,” which is the Greek word metaecho, or “echo with.”
    10:22 Or “Are we really stronger than he is?”

  2. Thank you Abba Father for your faithfulness always in my life & family. I waa told me to pray this same Psalm 91 vs 2 & psalm 23 vs 1-end every morning before stepping out of my House. This I do every day starting from this June & I have seen God’ covenant at work every second. But now Sir, I will obey the Holy spirit who has given a new instruction that I should pray the whole of psalm 91 three times a day. Thank you Sir

  3. Father, hear the prayer of this mother for her son, and give her the pleasure to see your love (your presence) through all that good things that will be accomplished in the life of her son. I pray with her, and we ask you in the name of Yausha, your son and our Mashiach (Christ). Amen.

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