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Prayer Against Self Hatred and Rejection — 8 Comments

  1. Hello Madam Laura Gagnon,

    I pray this mail finds you well.

    kindly can you send me more scriptures that can help me while fighting the spirit of rejection

  2. This article has touched me too. I also have self hatred and spirit of rejection in my life for a time.God help me through

  3. Thank you for such a divine deliverance I encounter as I read about the spirit of rejection which oppressed my life ever since childhood. Thank you Jesus, you are God sent. May the Lord Jesus bless you in Jesus name I pray

  4. Very nicely said except for one thing. You call homosexuality a sin learned out of self hatred. I completely disagree. I have several friends and two close relatives that are homosexual and I tell you now that they did not choose their sexuality. Your judgement of them should be left to God and no one else.

  5. I really needed this. I have been suffering from the pain of rejection for so long that I think it has caused pain in my body (I can’t wear heals or close shoes without severe pain). I couldn’t help the tears as I prayed. God Bless You.

    • I also found my way here tonight feeling utterly broken, rejected, and unloved. I’ve had self hatred and a spirit of rejection in my life for a very long time. This article has touched me. I’m praying for you as well. God bless!!!

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