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Prayer Declaration over the Temecula Valley & Lake Elsinore, California — 4 Comments

  1. Looking for a local church or prayer group in the Lake Elsinore area we can stand in prayer with for this area around Lake Elsinore

  2. Wow ! What a powerful work you have done here ! Searching out history, and putting all the right Holy Scriptures together.
    Sister, the same oppressive influences of the networked freemasonry is a worldwide problem, not only in California.  And many of the Catholics don’t (want to) know the words of the Holy Bible.
    So all this could be secretly, hidden done over centuries, and many played their parts in the evil games, until today. The shameless sins among “priests” and secret “masters” have done much damage against Jesus Christ and against true freedom.
    Over all the centuries true Christians were persecuted or stoned to death. Remember 500 years ago Martin Luther, a former catholic monk. He would be cast out again by the same church. Gay marriages he would never ever bless.
    Thank you, Laura, for the amount of time and strength and love you gave to the world and to those who know.

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