A 12 Step Personal Prayer Plan


PRAISE: The first step in world-changing Prayer

1Sanctify, or set aside, a period of time specifically to praise God at the beginning of your prayer.
2Select a specific theme for praise, such as God’s righteousness, His Word, His creative acts.
3Drawing on you selected theme, declare vocally, all that God is.
4Expand your theme as much as possible. Allow God to reveal new themes for worship as your time of praise develops.

WAITING: The second step in world-changing Prayer

1After your moments of praise, bring your mind and spirit into a time of complete silence to the world.
2Think no thoughts but thoughts of God the Father, His Son Jesus, or the Holy Spirit.
3If words are to be voiced, let them be quiet whispering like “I love You Lord” or, “I long for Your presence, O God.”.
4Concentrate full attention on the “love” aspect of God’s nature in these minutes of silence.

CONFESSION: The third step in world-changing Prayer

1Following your time of silent waiting, immediately ask God to search you heart for any unconfessed sin.
2Mentally examine your recent activities to discovery possible areas of spiritual failure that need confessing
3Confess any specific sins you may be guilty of, either against God or your fellow man.
4Confess your need for specific divine guidance and supernatural unction.

SCRIPTURE PRAYING: The fourth step in world-changing Prayer

1When bringing scripture into your devotional hour, ask God to bless His Word to your spiritual body, just as He blesses natural food for your physical body.
2Examine a passage from either the Gospels, the Epistles, Psalms or Proverbs. Look carefully at specific ways to apply each verse to prayer.
3As you study a verse (or verses), ask yourself what petition this passage prompts you to make, or what promise this passage contains that stands directly behind a specific petition.
4Develop actual prayers based on these thoughts and phrases included in a verse (or verses) of Scripture and offer these prayers confidentially to the Lord.

WATCHING: The fifth step in world-changing Prayer

1Take a few moments during prayer to become spiritually alert. Watch for the methods Satan may try to use to hinder your Christian walk that day. Prayerfully claim power to defeat Satan in each of these areas.
2Read denominational or missionary-evangelising magazines to help become alert to specific needs in God’s work around the world.
3Prayerfully recall various international news developments that deserve special prayer.
4Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal further spiritual facts about these needs. This will aid you in praying more intelligently for these needs.

INTERCESSION: The sixth step in world-changing Prayer

1Carefully prepare for intercession by developing a specific plan that includes special prayer for God’s work around the world.
2Summon a new compassion for these moments of intercession, so your praying will reach out to the lost with genuine concern.
3Fill your intercession with the four key scriptural claims: Ask God to give more labourers to the harvest, to open doors for these workers, to bless them with fruits as the result of their efforts, and with finances to expand their work.
4Always endeavour to include specific countries and their leaders during your time of intercession.

PETITION: The seventh step in world-changing Prayer

1Begin your petition by asking the Holy Spirit to help you claim only those desires that will bring special honour to the Lord.
2Make a mental list of specific needs you have for that very day and offer each need to God
3Enlarge a petition carefully, taking time to explain to God why you desire and answer for that request.
4Frequently examine your motives for claiming a petition. Be certain that they are pure in the sight of God.

THANKSGIVING: The eighth step in world-changing Prayer

1Begin thanksgiving by thinking about all God has given you in recent days.
2Use these moments for reflection as a basis for offering specific thanksgiving for spiritual, material, physical and external blessings.
3Frequently thank God “in advance” for blessings you expect Him to bestow on you in the future.
4Thank God for at least one particular blessing you have not thanked Him for previously.

SINGING: The ninth step in world-changing Prayer

1Pause in your devotional hour to sing a specific song unto the Lord.
2Select a special theme for your song, such as praise, thanksgiving, or a favourite passage of scripture.
3Ask the Holy Spirit to create an original melody in your heart so your song is truly “a new song.”
4Don’t hesitate to sing “songs of thanksgiving” for specific blessings or victories you believe God will give you in the days ahead.

MEDITATION: The tenth step in world-changing Prayer

1Select a theme for your time of mediation, applying full attention to that specific area of spiritual thought.
2Allow your mind to wander within the area of your chosen theme. Ponder all aspects of the theme carefully in reference to God.
3Ask questions about this theme that might lead you into deeper mental study of the subject.
4Bring Scripture into all phases of meditation. This strengthens your awareness that God’s Word is the necessary foundation for all meaningful spiritual thought.

LISTENING: The eleventh step in world-changing Prayer

1In the “listening” time of prayer, do not hesitate to ask God very specific questions about difficult problems or situations.
2Search scripture for specific answers to your questions. God most often speaks through His Word.
3Mentally evaluate all circumstances that relate to a problem. Ask God to show you His plan through these circumstances.
4Be prepared to write down any ideas God may share concerning the details of solving that particular problem.

PRAISE: The twelfth step in world-changing Prayer

1End your prayer with specific praise concerning God’s greatness. Focus your praise on His omnipotence (power), His omniscience (knowledge), and His omnipresence (presence).
2With the psalmist let us “praise God because He has done it.” Look back at the devotional hour and praise God for hearing each of your requests.
3Let your spirit ‘rejoice” for a few moments at the close of prayer. Repeat the universal word of praise, “Hallelujah!”
4As Martin Luther suggested, when your devotional hour concludes make your “amen” strong. Confess with authority that you believe God is trustworthy.


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This 12 step personal prayer plan is authored by Dick Eastman and is taken from his book “Hour That Changes the World, The: A Practical Plan for Personal PrayerHour That Changes the World, The: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer
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