A Prayer to Renounce African Gods and Goddesses


This is a lengthy prayer that involves a lot of various gods and goddesses.

africa map imageI do have many people contact me from African countries that struggle with getting completely free.

My other prayers are also listed under the pages section at the right, but they do not have all of these names of the various gods.

I also recommend this prayer to anyone that has had involvement in Santeria or other forms of Voodoo and occult practices.

A recent dream showed me an African woman trying to get free from Santeria but could not seem to dislodge a serpent connected to that particular type of witchcraft and sorcery.

Some of those spirits are identified in this prayer that may be the missing piece of information for some people.

I pray this latest prayer is a blessing to those with African heritage!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I repent on behalf of myself and my ancestors for turning to false gods, idols, cults,
and all forms of idolatry.

I repent for rebellion to you, and I turn away from all worship and false religious practices that are forbidden in the Word of God.

Even though my culture has taught me otherwise, I choose to accept by faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of the One true God, my Creator and Father.

I believe that Jesus Christ was persecuted, rejected, falsely accused, and innocent of all wrongdoing when He was crucified and died on the cross.

I believe Jesus died in my place and took all my sins upon Himself so that I can have a personal relationship with God and eternal life.

I believe that through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, Jesus was resurrected from the dead in victory and has made a life of victory available for me through His sacrificial death and resurrection.

I thank You, Jesus, for being my Lord and Savior.

I thank You, Father, for eternal life and for the forgiveness of sins.

I ask that Your Holy Spirit would come live within me and baptize me with His Spirit.

in Jesus’ Name,  Amen.

Now, Father, I renounce and repent for any involvement with false gods, idolatry and occult practices.

I renounce and repent for any occult activity, rituals, or witchcraft practices that I have done or that of my ancestors; including being dedicated to demonic spirits, initiation into
witchcraft or ungodly religious ceremonies devoted to Satanic worship.

I renounce Satan as my spiritual father, as my god, and any spirits that represent the kingdom of darkness.

I renounce and DIVORCE the pantheon of gods and goddesses of my culture.

I renounce Adroa, also known as god in the sky, god on earth, creator god and river god that rules over social order, law and death;

I renounce Akuj, that rules over divination;

I renounce Ala, also known as Ale and Ane, known as creator goddess and queen of the dead that rules over community laws, morality, oaths and harvest;

I renounce Anayaroli, the river demon that rules over wealth;

I renounce Asa, also known as father god or the strong lord, that rules over mercy, help and survival;

I renounce Asase, also known as Yaa, Aberewa, and Efua, “old mother earth” who is
described as the goddess of creation and receiver of humans at their death, who rules over harvest and cultivation.

I renounce Behanzin the fish god;

I renounce Cagn, the creator god among the bushmen, who rules over shape-shifting and sorcery;

I renounce Chiuta, also known as Mulengi, Mwenco, Wamtatakuya Tumbuka, known as the creator god, the rain god, who rules over rain, help, agriculture and food;

I renounce Chuku, also known as Cheneke, known as creator, the earth goddess, the father of Ale, who rules over help and goodness;

I renounce Danh, also known as the snake god or the rainbow snake that rules over
wholeness and unity;

I renounce En-Kai, also known as Parsai and Emayian, the sky god that rules over rain, vegetation and blessing;

I renounce Fa, that rules over destiny;

I renounce Famian, who rules over protection, health and fertility;

I renounce Guana, also known as Gawa and Gawama that lives among the bushmen,
leads the spirits of the deceased, and rules over disruption, harrassment and death;

I renounce Ge, the moon god;

I renounce Gu, that rules over war, weapons and smiths;

I renounce Guruhi, the evil god that shows himself in meteors and rules over power and death over enemies;

I renounce Heitsi-Eibib, the sorcerer god that rules over shape-shifting and magick;

I renounce Imana, also known as Hategekimana, Hashakimana, Habyarimana, Ndagijimana, Bigirimana, “Almighty God ” that rules over power, goodness, children and planning;

I renounce Ison, also known as Eka Obasi, Obasi Nsi, Ibibio, and Ekoi, the tortoise-shelled goddess that rules over fertility of the earth;

I renounce Juok, also known as the supreme god Shilluk that created man;

I renounce Jok, also known as Jok Odudu and Alur that demands goats sacrificed in order to produce rain, and that rules over rain;

I renounce Kaka-Guia, also known as Nyami, that brings souls to the supreme god;

I renounce Katonda, a strongman spirit also known as Lissoddene, Kagingo, Ssewannaku, Lugaba, Ssebintu, Nnyiniggulu, Namuginga, Ssewaunaku, Gguluddene, and Namugereka that rules over help, judgment, divination and oracles;

I renounce Kwoth, known as the great spirit god that rules over nature, help, compassion and judgment;

I renounce Leza, the chameleon goddess that rules over protection and divination;

I renounce Mbaba Mwana Waresa, that rules over rainbows, rain, crops, cultivation and alcohol;

I renounce Mawu, the supreme goddess and creator of all things, also known as a moon goddess;

I renounce Mukuru, known as the supreme god and creator that rules over agriculture, architecture and the harvest;

I renounce Mungo, the rain god;

I renounce Nenaunir, the rainbow snake known as an evil storm god;

I renounce Ngai, that rules over life and death;

I renounce Ngami, the moon goddess;

I renounce Njambi, known as creator god that rules over protection, justice, help, forests and fertility;

I renounce Nyambe, that rules over restoring life;

I renounce Nyambi, known as the great god and the god over everything;

I renounce Nyame, the god of fate;

I renounce Nyami Ama, the rain and storm god;

I renounce Nzambi, the god of justice;

I renounce Oba, the Santeria river goddess;

I renounce Ochumare, the Santeria goddess of the rainbow;

I renounce Oddudua, the mother goddess;

I renounce Ogun, the god of iron and warfare that rules over iron, warfare, removing
difficulties, smoothing the path to a desired result, Justice, Smiths, Hunters, Barbers,
Goldsmiths and Steel;

I renounce Olorun, also known as Olofin-Orun and Olodumare, the sky god that rules over Truth, control of the Elements, Foresight, Victory when the odds are against you, and Destiny;

I renounce Orisha Nla, chief of the dieties;

I renounce Pan, described as the son of the earth who rules over cultivation;

I renounce Rock-Sens, the sky god that controls thunder, lightning and rain;

I renounce Rugaba, also known as Ruhanga, Kazooba or Mukameiguru, described as creator god, sun god and sky god that rules over life, healing, death, sickness, and judgement;

I renounce Ruhanga, described as the great god that rules over fertility, abundance, children, animals, harvest, health, sickness, death, judgement, and rebirth;

I renounce Sakarabru, the god of medicine, justice and retribution;

I renounce Shango or Schango, known for carrying the double headed axe and that rules over thunder, storms, war and magick;

I renounce Soko the creator god that rules over control over the elements, divination,
(communication with the dead) and witchcraft;

I renounce Tilo the storm god that rules over sky, thunder and rain;

I renounce Unkulunkulu, also known as Nkulnkulu, the earth god of fertility, organization and order;

I renounce Utixo, the sky god that rules over thunder, rain, storms, rebirth and harvest;

I renounce Wele, also known as Khakaba or Isaywa, described as ‘the high one,’ or the sky god or creator god that rules over rain, storms, lightning, creation, prosperity, harvest and celestial phenomena;

I renounce Were, the father god or the great god that rules over Birth, Death, Nature and Judgement;

I renounce White Lady, knowns as the agricultural goddess that rules over agriculture and fertility;

I renounce Xevioso, the storm god with a thunder axe that rules over rain and fertility;

I renounce Ymoja, the river goddess that rules over women and children.

I renounce any and all names of other gods or goddesses, false spiritual fathers and mothers, spirit guides, and familiar spirits that have had legal grounds to operate in my family.

I renounce all soul ties to former lovers, shamans, witch doctors, sorcerers, and those they have worked through.

Let every part of my soul return to me, and any part of other people’s souls return to them.

I apply the blood of Jesus Christ to every sin that has been committed by myself and my ancestors, closing the door to these spirits and the assignments that they have had against me.

I renounce all lying spirits, all trickery, manipulation, fraudulent practices intended to deceive and rob others.

Let the blood of Jesus cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

I repent for the sins of shedding blood, human and animal sacrifice, selfishness, rebellion, jealousy, contention, evil speaking, pride, and every sin that was caused by disobedience and rejecting the Lordship of Christ.

Let the blood of Jesus cover these sins in Jesus’ Name.

Let my name now be removed from every ungodly altar and the evil altar destroyed in Jesus’ Name.

Let every demon that has been assigned to carry out a curse be cut off and sent back to the abyss created for them in Jesus’ Name.

Let the fire of God burn up every evil work in my life.

Let the conviction of God’s Holy Spirit keep me from reopening an old door that has now been closed in Jesus’ Name.

Let the angelic hosts of heaven be assigned to fight on my behalf and release my restoration, in Jesus’ Name.

I forgive all those who have been an instrument in Satan’s service to cause pain, hardship or ruin to me and my family.

I also forgive myself for anything I have done that has brought guilt, shame or condemnation upon myself.

I ask You, Father, to bless those that have cursed me or treated me wrong.  I cancel their debt and forgive their sin in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I stand upon the principle of James 4:6-7.

Now that I am submitted to Your authority, I command the enemy to take everything he has done to perpetuate a curse and leave me now in Jesus’ Name.

I also command the thief to repay the losses of previous years with no less than a 7-fold return according to Proverbs 6:31.

I thank You for restoration, healing and revival to my heart and life in Jesus’ Name,  Amen.

“But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”
Therefore submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you,”   James 4:6-7.

“Yet when he is found, he must restore seven-fold; he may have to give up all the substance of his house,”    Proverbs 6:31.


~ Laura Gagnon

Laura GagnonLaura Gagnon of Pray Together 2018 is a woman who has been blessed with the gift of understanding God’s restorative work through her own personal experience.  Through her insights and revelation, God has led her to influence many individuals into a restored relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is a woman who stands on the promises of God, encouraging others in an elevated expectation of the miraculous and declares the gift of His life.  Laura is the author of Healing the Heart of a Woman and writes for her blog, Beyond the Barriers.

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