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Prayers Answered — Before Being Asked! — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, how powerful and sweet and very encouraging to have a very personal relationship with God. Really encourages us to pursue and open up to Him in everything and not be afraid.

  2. Had a lot of conversations this morning with the Lord re: things of the past (that I was reminding the Lord of and had “seemingly” forgiven but read Jo Ellen’s word and said..hmmm better go bad and re-read Angus word to me “Un capping the wells” when I then saw this wonderful word from you. What a wonderful reminder that HE is already there. He is constantly giving and ready to give the answer before we ask because HE knows our heart full of many unspoken prayers and how in innocence in our thoughts we have moments when we forget HE IS OUR ON TIME GOD. I love your transparent heart and humility and how well you and Jill engage in divine exchanges to fill in the gaps. Blessings, dear friend. My prayers are continuing for both you and Jill. What a blessing you are. Sandi

  3. Wow! Amen and glory to God!! The Lord impressed on my heart today that all can prophesy ,and will
    Be more frequently as He prepares Hod bride fir His arrival! These are exciting times ! So often doubt and fear come into the believer’s hearts which can cause us to doubt if we are being used to our greatest capacity. Well at least for me anyway.I was blessed by your transparency and humility. It is an encouragement as I too share similar thoughts. I realize that we are constantly going from glory to glory and as we do, our assignment may shift leaving us feeling not as useful in a familiar areas . This can be intimidating as we are on new ground.. I find lately, the old garments I once wore are no longer a good fit for the new place I am find myself in.
    What I do know is that these tough times in the spirit realm are to be considered Holy Spirit’s classroom. The Lord is preparing us for the plans that only HE knows ;but we can be confident that it is for our good. Jeremiah 29:11.  I will continue to hold you and Jill up in prayer. I am experiencing “ the more than we can ask or think” as well!!
    What a blessing!!! Just a reminder to not box our Father in! Blessings to you and Jill! Love, Angela

  4. YES how amazing Father PAPA God is especially to me how often I forget to say thank You to Him for the seemingly small but wonderful thoughtful ways He always answer even my unspoken prayers.


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