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The Prayers of Daniel — 7 Comments

  1. I went through a divorce back in the70 the. Took up franking for 2 years .wasn’t best mom. But did take care of kids.no child support.  Ex got 16 year old pregnant. Our son walked in on them .I tooked it hard. My kids were in special hospital lot. I took care of that. I gave my life over to God .and ask forgiveness. But the girlswind forgive mr

  2. I was attacked by devil in church from other member so I pray that god give the eyes to see good angels and bad angels. Please help. I need more money

  3. My family circle recently survived insurmountable odds which put our lives in grave danger. When fear and hopelessness overwhelmed us, we turned to God in prayer such as the prayers of Daniel, surrendering the battle we faced to Him. We had faith that only God’s intervention would spare our lives, and the details of His solution were not for us to worry about.

    We immediately went from fear to the courage of Christian soldiers. And a miracle occurred. The huge storm cloud subsided. Armies of evil turned against each other, enabling us to survive. Now we pray to God every day a prayer of thanks and appreciation. We are renewed in the name of Jesus!

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