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Praying for the Heart of America Today — 6 Comments

  1. Father I thank You for your word that is That is Spirit and It is Life! Let God be True and every man a liar. Continue to expose and expel the plans of the enemy!  Lord you said that you would continue to expose the motives of man’s Hearts as you Quicken our spirits and help us to draw near to you daily-with a Heart of Repentance. Let us ALWAYS Look to and Lean into You at ALL Times and in Every Situation! Father continue to remove our stony Hearts and give us a Heart of Flesh, and to walk in Your TRUTHS! Thank you Lord that you know the End from the Beginning, that You will Have the Final Word. Help us to pray for enemies, Forgive them, Release them and Bless Them and LOVE the way that You Love us, Unconditionally! Help us to Accept your Sovereign Will, as we keep our eyes on the Bigger Picture- JESUS! Let YOUR Kingdom Come and your Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.


    The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence
    And the violent take it by Force
    A terrible Army With Banners
    About to run her course
    She’ll come with a Rod to Establish
    The Father’s Heart Desires
    She’ll be less than very well disposed
    Towards all those busy strange fires
    She’ll pray according to His Will
    And knows that she’ll be Heard
    For she’ll be Clothed and Possessed
    By the Eternal Living Word


    I Don’t Come to be elected
    And be lauded by fallen man
    Lo I Come in The Book it is Written of Me
    I Come To Rule the people and the land
    I’m The King of Righteousness And Justice
    I’ve Come To Clothe And Possess
    A Bride both Faithful and True
    As she Comes Up from the wilderness
    Eye has not seen and ear has not heard
    What I Am About To Do
    I Am Also Perfect Love
    A Fire Seven Times Hotter Too

  4. Let us not waver or have our faith falter in the midst of the storm. Let us remain immovable.

    Let us also get rid of disunity, complancency, lukewarmness and compromise in the body of Christ.

  5. I decree and declare thanking You Father for taking ALL the enemy meant for destruction in the Nation of the United States of America and working it ALL together for our good, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!
    I claim the ultimate standard of the Power of the complete Work of the Cross over this Land bringing into the ashes the devil and demonic kingdom You already stripped, the world You already conquered, the flesh You already overcame, and the curse You already removed as far as the East is from the West, pushing the front columns into the Eastern Sea, and the rear columns into the Western Sea, I decree its stench has gone up and its smell has risen…IT IS FINISHED IT IS FINISHED IT IS FINISHED IN THE NAME OF NESUS CHRIST THE LORD!!! Amen :)

  6. I see President Trump as a Samson, as another lone figure in the human arena and as one anointed by God to fight the enemies of His people. In the way that Samson fought with the jaw bone of a donkey, will Donald Trump soon be armed with the public confession (jaw) of a number of defectors from the Democrat (donkey) Party?  This would demonstrate to many that the recent electoral fraud is a national not a partisan problem, which would then quieten much of the national strife.  Now in the human arena – although not formerly for Samson – “jaw, jaw is better than war, war”.

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