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Preparation of the Rod of His Presence — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! Amen! Yes, I totally agree! The Lord Jesus, has convicted me of this, truly submitting to his perfect will, reverencing him in my prayers and action, just not a heater, but a doer of Gods’ Word. Speaking for myself, I ran from God, selfishly concerned about my fleshly desires, not seeking the Face of God,desiring to what felt good to my flesh, opposed to sincerely seeking the Lord, with my whole mind, soul,heart and strength.

    The Great Commission is what the Bride of Jesus Christ, was commanded to take part in, so the Lord convicted me through the Holy Spirit, that if I do not follow the Word of God correctly, not following His godly principles, the power of the Holy Spirit can operate as He desires, effectively in the anointing of God, to complete his perfect will or to be effective in the divine-Great Commission, which Jesus Christ commands me and all who are born again of the water and Spirit, filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you, for sharing Sister Sherry Edwards Mackey! God bless you,dear woman of God! Peace, love and blessings, I extend to you and your family.♥️

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