PREPARE…  Word #1


I know and any Prophet knows that the Storm has already hit.  It is not that there is COMING JUDGMENT but that Judgment has ALREADY BEGAN IN…. AMERICA.  Many have asked me IS THIS FOR THE WORD… and I have said IT WILL EFFECT THE WORLD.. but THIS IS FOR AMERICA.

It all began with me as a Prophet when I had my God Encounter in 1999.  I began to hear prophetic words.  For some time the Lord did school me in hearing and speaking for Him.  It got very serious when I began to hear many words in 2007 about a coming SHAKING IN AMERICA.  I heard many warnings from the Lord as he did talk of the very fact that there was coming a great shaking in this Land.  Early in 2008 one morning at 3 AM the Lord spoke to me; He said… sit down because what I am going to tell you is very hard to hear.  I felt a URGENCY AND A FEARFUL WARNING as He began to speak to me about a EARTHQUAKE that would SHAKE ALL AROUND ME.  Time will not allow me to go into all the details now (you can go to my web page, and look under Earthquake Words and read many of these warnings).  He said to me IF I DO NOT PUT MY HANDS UNDER YOUR HOUSE IT WILL FALL DOWN, and then I saw the vision of HUGE HANDS UNDER MY HOUSE.  He went on saying, ALL WHO ARE NOT SERVING ME, AND I SPEAK OF MY PEOPLE, WILL HAVE THEIR HOUSE TORN DOWN AND THEY WILL SUFFER LOSS.  He explained that they would not be killed and that He would protect them, BUT THEY WOULD SUFFER LOSS OF HOMES AND MANY THINGS.  He said (we were living in the Jemez Valley, NM, at the time.  a country community made up of less than 2000 people.)  He said under your house was a large void and hot water.  He explained the Volcanic nature of the area and the fact that we were living very near the Super Volcano, Jemez Caldera.

The Lord went on to say that EVERYTHING WOULD BE SHAKEN and that there was going to be REVIVAL.  The fact is He said, The things are already in Motion in the Earth.  I have placed my hands on the earth to stop it, but because of the fact that the Church had grown cold and the many in America had said WE DO NOT WANT GOD…  I have taken  off my hand and it will happen.  They have put the TOOLS OF CHOICE into the wrong hand… the devil.  He will rise up and hurt them, because I have said; It is your choice.

There was an urgency to stock up on food and water.  I saw that there would be loss of electricity and water and that food would become a problem.  I know the Lord was warning me to stock up.  I also felt because of the urgency that He spoke that I WAS TO WARN ALL AROUND ME.

The next day I was driving by a local Assembly of God Church when I saw a vision.  I saw a HUGE CRACK THROUGH THE CHURCH.  I saw completely through the broken building, and I heard him say, THEY WILL NOT NOT LISTEN TO ME AND THEY WILL FALL.  At the time we were in Tent Meetings and that Church wold not help in the meetings, matter of fact, the OPPOSED ME.  I heard the Lord say… THEY WILL BE COMING TO YOU FOR HELP SAYINGWE HAVE NO PLACE TO MEET.. CAN WE USE YOUR TENT?

The Lord told me to go down the next day and physically draw a line in the dirt between our house and that Church.  [Our house had been the parsonage in the past of that church, and we were ON CHURCH PROPERTY.]  He said, draw the line and put on it Oil and forbid the JUDGMENT TO CROSS THE LINE.

Since that time the Lord has continued to give me warnings.  I know that the time is shortly to come to pass because there has been a worsening of the unbelief and sin in the Church of America.  This Judgment would be for GODS PEOPLE.

This is the beginning of Words.  I will continue in Word #2 of this series.

Prophet Ken Dewey


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Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.


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