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Prepare Your Hearts for That Day — 5 Comments

  1. When it comes to the gruesome unforeseen future you don’t lack any detail, so I don’t understand the generalities used when referring to God and/or pertaining to any practical application to avoid, prepare, or PRAY against this “war” on this “day”.  I’m not saying you’re invoking a spirit of fear., but does God give knowledge of the future without a purpose? It’s as if God is like “so there’s about to be a Great War, earthquakes are coming, evil will takeover,…. so good luck, I hope you are prepared!”

    “Some will tell you peace is on the horizon but I(?) tell you when they say this sudden destruction will come”….. you need to define who you mean by “some”, because there’s a lot of prophets that say there is peace on the horizon and if you are referring to them, your directly rebuking their words. “Touch not my annointed” isn’t only referring to the people who disagree with you,. It applies to your word a towards others as well. Prophets speak what God reveals to them, there is no need to assert authority over numerous prophets with conflicting statements.

    • Cynthia, there are no “comflicting” statements within this prophetic word. I am not going to identify who those “some” are, for as you should know, God rarely speaks and pinpoints who those “some” are. Indeed God does speak in generalities and of course at times, is specific when it is called for. There is no reason to state who those “some” are. Selah

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