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Pressing on to Maturity — 1 Comment

  1. All deception origin from the sam disobedience to the Father and Jesus’ teaching which says nothing else but no one- no matter “how much” they believe can do anyting, teach, preach or act if he has not first heard it from the Father.

    The true Holy congreagation is built by only those who refuse to speak without first having heard the Father say it. This Spiritual law is for both men and women.

    “What? came the word of God out from you (men)? or came it unto you (men) only?

    “…for (just as it is with you men) it is not permitted unto them to speak (without first having heard the Father) but they are commanded to be under obedience (to the Father), as also saith the Law (of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus)

    Obedience to the right understand of Jesus teaching will give understanding.

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