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  1. Many words from many people about the impending revival that is going to sweep this and the nations of the world. This will not be so –

    “There may be individual Revivals in isolated places, but not a national move until I see a National Repentance.”
    From where I am standing the only thing that is going to rain from the Hand of God is judgement.

    “My Wrath is ready to be poured out upon The United Kingdom“
    The words above tell you that. Open your eyes. The stumbling block here seems to be regarded as pride and prejudice – it is not. This is the stumbling block –

    “Until they repent of their corporate sin of the rejection of life.“
    What does Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales need to repent of. It is the abomination of abortion. ABOMINATION. Allowed by mans law to fill the synagogue of satan with the blood and cries of the innocent. A rejection of blessing that He promised children are! A rejection of His principle of going forth to multiply!

    To me this is both personal and corporate.
    “There cannot be Revival in any national sense of the word, until there is corporate, united, and meaningful repentance!“

    There will be NO national spiritual revival in this disunited kingdom unless there is collective repentance for not only accepting sacrifice at the altar of Molech, but for allowing it to continue. Those in the church are as guilty as those outside it. When are you going to reject and fight it? Accommodation is Appeasement.

  2. Hear ye the Word of the Lord! – Thank you man of God for this Rhema Word. “Pride and Prejudice” has to go!!…out of the hearts and minds of the Believer! If we allow God to press pride out of us, prejudice will flee! Consider this – I’m reminded of the descendants of Noah and how they tried to build a city and tower of ONE language/race of people. Gen. 11:4 – Pride and self-rule brought judgement of God. In the beginning, God said be fruitful and multiply, replenish/repopulate the earth. God sees ONE race, the human race. Let revival come…NOW! IJN

    • Revival starts in the heart/s of mankind. At the core of ANY practiced sin is rebellion against God. At the core of rebellion against God is “pride”- Revival wiLL come to the nation/s.

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