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Prisoners of Hope and the Double Portion — 3 Comments

  1. Remember you are holy to our good father. Being holy means to be set apart. There is clearly a consecration on your life from on high. No one is allowed to touch you or take you out from what you are going through because the almighty’s hand is clearly upon your life. None can stand against him for the work he is doing in you and others he touches through you. The situation you are in is much better than it looks. We expect everything from God, and not from people or the things of this world.

    I believe that you will find a good warm bed today because our God is good, and food & drink to sustain yourself.

    The Lord exaplained me about how this is the time where the filthy will be filthy still and the rightous rightous still. Things seem to change but its an illusion. We inherit not the flesh but his kingdom wich lasts forever, and God does not change.

    We are like that farmer in the field that sold everything for that pearl of great price.

  2. I am crying as I read this. Tonight I am sleeping in my car. I have given up everything for the call and find no support and little to no help. We have gone without food, shelter, mo ney, family, and have almost no possessions.  We have been mocked and persecuted for being too extreme. Everyone leaves. Every time we find someone, we think they might be the one to go all the way for God, but just today.. disappointed again and made to sleep in the car for yet more broken promises.  I find it hard to hope. Is there no one obedient? Is there no one of integrity? Does anyone care for the traveling minister anymore?

    • Lord Jesus
      I ask forgiveness of sins. Lord guide them and bring to them their daily needs as YOU protect them in all ways. Move on people to help them in ways and give to them in ways.  As YOU Provide for their Daily Bread.
      Comfort them. Gently counsel them in their calling for YOU. As YOU Lead them.
      Bring other Believers to CROSS their paths of Itinerant Missionaries out in the
      Market Place.  Bringing forth THY KINGDOM come on earth as it is IN HEAVEN.
      Psalm 91~

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