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Prophecies Being Resurrected — 1 Comment

  1. Yes Yes Yes
    Blow Mighty Winds of the Spirit of the Living God
    Blow Anew
    Fan the Fire of the Holy Spirit within YOUR People
    Light U.S. Anew
    That We MAY Burn Brightly for YOU Anew
    New Holy Ghost ‘Empowerment
    Shining Forth to Dispel darkness
    A Newness
    A Wholeness
    Birthing Miracles from The Heavenlies
    Supernaturally into All Corners of the earth
    Thru HIS Supernatural Birth Canal
    By YOU
    In YOU
    Thru YOU
    With YOU
    For YOU
    As YOU Will/Direct

    thank you, Elaine
    Very Encouraging : )

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