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Prophecy Issues on the Election of Political Leaders — 15 Comments

  1. Prophet Odhiambo what a powerful Word,and one straight from the heart of God.  Please check for a Direct Message from me on FB,with important information. May God continue to use you and bless you in His Kingdom work.

  2. Thank You for this Powerful Teaching and Relevant Words of Wisdom! & Thank You Lord for Your Word!  Lord help us to realize that because we are Humans we are prone to error. Your word teaches & admonish is In Romans 3:4 – “Let God be true, and every human being a liar. As it is written: ‘So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.'” Father help us to continue to seek Your Heart and be very careful that our words we speak are your Words. Lord Give us your Wisdom and Discernment & Help us to continue to Pray, and Decree Your Words that comes from the The Spirit of God and not from our own Soulish Desires!  Let us continue to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, for those that Love Thee shall Prosper, & May Peace be within your walls & Prosperity be within your palaces! Thank You Lord for teaching us how to LOVE each other the way that you LOVE us- UNCONDITIONALLY!

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