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  1. God had just spoken to me the need for the Church to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit if we want to see our nation transformed!  And the I read this prophecy.  God is crying for His people to awaken & then we’ll see the world transformed!

  2. What a warning that needs to be heeded, Sherry!
    No more playing church for sure for any of us!
    There is a devils hell to shun, but how can people hear when there ears are stopped up? God will get their attention one way or another.
    As I just had read your article then Bro Ken Deweys, I am sitting here weeping.
    We have to reach some while We can pulling them out of the fire even. God bless you my sister. Love you.

  3. In my opinion, most Churches today are afraid of losing members; fame; money, personality family images images; being exposed as some are living double life styles/secret sins amongst others & so can’t tell their members to heed warnings or preach sermons that exposes sins.
    BUT I believe it is better we save our precious souls as pastors of Churches & those of our church, family members/people here on earth by offending them without apology through preaching of sound biblical doctrines of Heed warnings; repentance; Holiness; accept Jesus Christ etc than misleading them to Hell later for eternal damnations. Remember, if Churches fail to warn the people; the pastors/ministers will be held accountable as well. Holy spirit, please help the church! God Bless you Dear Sherry

  4. Blessing protection linking Angels around your coming and going your whole existence. Prophet as this is hard word that got bite.

  5. Amen,amen,amen….I’ve been watching and praying for the “church” for years, to wake up and repent. Judgement has now come! I am still watching and praying.

  6. Been going through some of Paul s letters and you notice the phrase turn such a one over to satan. Everyone wants to demonstrate the power of God which is the right desire however the level on consecration you know that 40 day wilderness experience that Jesus the perfect one put himself through to show and prove His will and direction was going to be from His Father. This idea was prevalent in the Jewish religion to show your consecration to the Law or your sect however this idea was passed on in the Christian church because that is the law however we are okay with the tithe even though we lack a priesthood

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