Prophetic Illusion

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Prophetic Illusion

These words are ringing in my spirit today, PROPHETIC ILLUSION!

These are prophecies that have been spoken that create a false belief, to give a person a deceptive impression that something is going to happen, that was never purposed to come to pass!

These words come from manipulative persons who have some ulterior motive attached to what they are saying.  Receiving these words, only creates frustration and discouragement, because God never spoke them through the person and never ordained what they promised, to come forth in a person’s life.

So many persons are waiting on empty promises to come to pass.

I asked God, could He extend His mercy, and He said, if I do that, then they will forever receive lying prophets.

He said they have to be taught to hear with the Spirit, and not with the carnal flesh.  He said in this hour, He was going to teach His people how to walk in the Spirit and to learn His voice.

We can’t allow the false words of man to come into our lives and create an atmosphere of confusion and unbelief.

Today I decree that every lying, deceiving, manipulating word, that was spoken into the lives of the people who have received false beliefs, is uprooted, cast out, destroyed and made unfruitful in producing dead faith, and that the true word of God is brought forth in their lives, to manifest in it’s due season.

I decree, that every cord is cut and burned, that connects and has them in covenant with false prophetic words, and false prophetic vessels, and command that the cursed fruit that was produced by the seeds that were sown into these false prophetic grounds, dries and withers up.  That those fruits will no longer have life to reproduce lack poverty or hardship into their lives from this day forward in Jesus name.

I command every false prophetic door to be shut and every crack to sealed up that the lying words of the enemy will no longer have access or availability in their lives.

I decree that every curse is inoperable and destroyed by the fire of God, burned up, and the ashes scattered by the angel of The Lord, that it can’t come together again against those who have set free this day.

I decree that now wealth and riches blessings and prosperity favor and joy will now be their portion in Jesus name.  Amen!

I decree that they will discern the words of the false prophets from the words of The Lord from this day and they will no longer be manipulated or deceived by liars and deceivers in Jesus mighty name Amen!

Father, send now prosperity and let it come and let increase abundance overflow and showers of blessings come forth in every area of their life!

Spiritual Miscommunication

Some are not listening attentively to the voice of God.  This is the week of some major decisions, some important turns in the lives of some people.

Be careful.  Too many things are distracting you from your private time with The Lord!

There are some important cancellations about to occur in some lives.  The Lord is removing things that must be eliminated right now.

I keep hearing the Spirit of The Lord saying, NO MORE DRAWBACKS IN YOUR SPIRIT! Stop pulling away from what God is trying to push you to.  Watch out for SPIRITUAL MISCOMMUNICATION!

Be careful you not listening to your own mind and flesh as you are seeking The Lord and receiving a answer from the desire of your soul.  Make sure you don’t make hasty decisions, but make sure you wait on God to speak.

The Lord is releasing strength to the people there is a spirit of weariness being released against the leaders at this time, to discourage them and make them become tired and disgusted with how things are going with their lives.

Their faith is being tested in a great measure to make them quit.  Pressure is coming in great measure to their minds, and pushing them into extreme depression.  The strength is coming back.  God is sending restoration to their souls and a renewing in their minds.  Financial burdens are being lifted off of them.  The burden of doing the will of God, will not overwhelm them.

He is sending help.  People will now see the benefits of their sowing and giving the reaping is coming so they will survive and continue to sow in the Kingdom of God.  An increase of unusual blessings is bring released.  Many shall now see their sincere prayers answered about their loved ones that have been in bondage.

There is a major spiritual shift coming to shake the Church.  Very swiftly, God shall move and bring changes that will separate the sheep from the wolves, the wheat from the tares, the goats from the lambs.

Much revealing, to uncover deceiving men and women of God.  But the Spirit of The Lord says the people will cover their sins, because they don’t want to change and they love unrighteousness, more than righteousness.

Much unmasking of the true heart of the government officials.  Many will reveal their association with satanism, and racism, and attempt to discredit God’s name in a greater measure, but God will overthrow their attempts to eliminate Him as the only true God.

Unusual miracles, signs and wonders shall convince many who didn’t believe in His existence, to know He is real.  Get prepared.  Much is about to take place and the spiritual you must be ready.  Many are in the valley of decisions and it’s time to make the right one!

God is calling for us to make a choice.  I wonder how many will choose Jesus as their Savior in this hour?


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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