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Prophetic Mantles: Which Ones Are You Called To Wear? — 11 Comments

  1. Yes it is good. Many unfortunately do not understand when it comes to the prophetic. The truth is your get prophetic believers who received the gift of prophecy through the Holy spirit as they desire it and asee the Holy spirit. Then there are prophets, these ones are called as a prophet by birth. Meaning the office of a prophet like in Jeremiah 1:5. Not everyone is a prophet. Only a few are selected in the five fold. A prophetic believer does not operate in the five fold neither can they open up a ministry. Only a true born/called prophet can do this. There is a lenghtly teaching about this. Many are confused about this

  2. I’m a 48 years old woman. Have found the Lord has put an mantle upon my life of a prophet. It’s been gradual. So I’m truly encouraged by your writing. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for writing on this subject. It’s a new one for me and you have provided new thoughts for me to pray about and seek God in.

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