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  1. Thank you for this word. As a prophet myself I decided to hear what others are saying, and test the words for truth and validity.
    I have read a number of words that seem almost copied and pasted from each other.
    In May last year and praying for the elections I had to do a prophetic act separating the sheep and the goats.
    I believe your word is true, much more in line with the unfolding of world end time events.We need true prophets in this hour….not those who say peace peace when there is no peace.Shalom

  2. Thank you for that Word and GOD’S anointing through you.  Please.  I need some GODLY wisdom.  I need to know how to get the hatred out of my heart for certain individuals whom I believe have been involved with with witchcraft and gang stalking against me for at least 14 years, maybe longer.  I am a Spirit-filled believer since my late twenties. (Now I’m 49).  I don’t want this anger and hatred in my heart any longer.  I’ve prayed the prayer of forgiveness but it seems like such an unrelenting battle because they continue to harass me.  How do I make this forgiveness real and permanent?

    • Dear Sheila, I know it’s easier said than done sometimes to forgive. What I have found is to say outloud in prayer that you forgive (name) and you release them to the Lord and ask the Lord to remove any bitter root that may remain in you. I had to pray that same prayer daily for months in some cases and again years later if the enemy tries to bring it back to me again. Then steer clear of these people if possible. And, of course, we must reflect on the forgiveness we have received from the Lord. Hope this helps. God bless.

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