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  1. Yes, destruction is in the way. In 2012, I heard the Lord say “this generation shall not perish until all this happens”.

    As you see the Lord says that the last generation shall perish!
    Generation means genes that generators more genes.

    “This generation” is the last generation at God’s clock represented by the pale horse,like the last quarter at the clock before it turns into 00:00 and no time exists anymore.

    It is the time of Esther when God’s people, like she, refuses to repent and refuses to risk their life because they think they are saved from the destruction (of ALL men,women,and children) just because they dwell inside the Kingdom.

    But listen to Mordecai’s warning “maybe you have come to this time for the reason that (IF you not repent) both you and your Father’s house shall (along with ALL the others)go to destruction!
    Not many understand that the Spectre the King stretches out to Esther is the “correction” and that her prayer is answered first when she have taken Mordecai’s warning seriously and that the faithful character of Ruth (“another”) is mentioned two times.

    This final time and place(Sushan) is the same that Daniel sees in a vision which make Him faint, the latter days. It is now!
    It is the separation inside God’s own house and among those who are or consider themselves being close to Him.

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