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Prophetic Warning: False Signs & Divination Wonders — 6 Comments

  1. What about Prophets that say, if you do not accept what I say to you that there are those who die and go to their grave? Don’t forget Prophets like that and the people believe it.

    • Thanks for the Message you have received and you have sent to some of us who are Spiritually Mature and are Given the Ability to DISCERN the Wrong and the Truth, but What Advice can you Render to the Body of Christ? Even Dr Mathew Croch Of Trinity Broadcasting Corporation asked Dr. Perry Stone the Same Question I have asked you and The Electricity in my House shed off What Advise Can you give to the Troubled Church Today? From PR Ssiyomba Isaac of Naioth Christian Faith Restoration Church AFRICA In Kabalagala Kampala Uganda Ssiyommbaisaac Fcbk or Email naiothchristianfaith@gmail. com

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