Prophetic Warning on Kenyan Drought


Prophetic warning and revelations on current drought situation in Kenya.

Last night, the night of March 16, 2017 in a dream, the LORD brought me here in this country Kenya.

I am walking in this dream, but I see a lot of people.  Very many people looking for water and then in another place, they are very hungry, craving for what to eat.

You remember in October 2015 I saw that the livestock industry would be in crises and distress?  (See “Distresses in Kenya Livestock Industry“)

I said, having shared the over a year ago, back then I saw crisis in livestock industry. and so come from late 2016 to this very date things, have unfolded about a horrific drought in our dry areas.  Livestock are greatly affected at this moment, both animals and humans.

Now what even now shocks me, that should get attention from all of us.  Last night, the last half of March 16th, the LORD again now shows me in a dream about the current drought situation and escalations of the famine eating the land.

So it is actually famine that I saw, already taking place.  But you know the LORD now shows me how it happens.  He takes me to place where this is happening to show how the need is great and how this has afflicted Kenya.

In the dream, as I have stated the last night, He brought me to a place and while there I see groups of people looking for water, walking in groups.  But also, many, many people with containers are in queues, in the line.

I see them very clearly.  They are in columns, making long queues in order to reach water.  And I see that it’s a well of water which is drying up.

I moved in that queue also with the women.  I see them some are sleeping next to the containers and it came to my knowing that they have been in the queue from very early in the morning.  Perhaps they had slept there and have stayed there, waiting to arrive at this place at the end of the queue where water is.

But its just too long, almost impossible.  I began to wonder if really the people will manage with this little, because I knew in the dream that this source is unable to serve all of them to sustain them.

The LORD also took me to a place in that place again I saw a dam.  But I saw that it has been drying up and drying.  What remains is just a little pool in the middle.

Then I see donkeys and donkey pulled carts, also with containers, so people are wading through the soil filled water and they are trying to fill the containers.  But this is very dirty water, dirty orange water and it is not enough.

At this point in the dream, okay, not very sure, but it was either between the first and the second scene, whichever.  At that point, I found myself carrying bread.

In that place on the side of this dam I am carrying bread.  That is when these people come to me and I am trying to feed them, because they are very hungry.  When they saw the bread, they came to me.

I am sharing bread with them.  I start to share with the hungry.  But before I even shared all of it, they snatched it away.  They are very hungry.

Precious people, this is apace in Kenya.  And you can see in the dream that the LORD is saying there is desperate situation.  People are in scarcity.  There is famine on the land.

This famine is so big here in Kenya.  I saw it in the dream.  This place I visited in the dream is not an arid area, yet it is very desperate – with no water and no food.

I begin to reason, how much more is this affecting other areas?

I am talking about areas which have not witnessed rainfall for the last one year or so.

You begin to see that God is highlighting the needful situation.  He allows the prophets to see what media is impartial about, what probably the government organs have denied.

The LORD is now showing us that we need to help.  We need to pray.  We need to share food and water.

I saw that more than half of this nation is in famine.

The places that have not witnessed famine before, are being affected this time round.  I ask those in government to handle this to make correct responses to this crisis.

I didn’t know it is this bad until the LORD moved me to see people and animals’ lives at risk.

We need to pray for the nation.  We need to turn to God and pray to repent and bring rain, that Kenya may have food for the land for both humans and livestock.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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Prophetic Warning on Kenyan Drought — 2 Comments

  1. Fathetlr God, You see everything everywhere. You also see why.  Speak.  Say and tell the people why this is happening. Send Your people, Your messengers to go and speak. Touch the people’s hearts…mtjose in aithority to take note and to do as Ypu speak through Your prophets and apostles and Your righteous people, let them listen and do as You say so their lanf and fields and animals and children and people can be saved from famine and drought. Send Your word. Your powerful life filled word and prophecy and speak life to Kenya and her people and land.  Lord God work in the midst of the land and its people.  Teach the very core and hearts of marrow and bobe of soul and flesh.  Work by Your Spirit, Word and people and work salvation to save. In Jesus Christ name we pray Abba Father. Amen. Thank You that You hear us.

  2. I have read this and I tend to disagree.
    As a Kenyan, I know that these famines come in cycles as a result of the drought cycles. There was in 92,93. Then in 2000, then mid last decade. In between these singular years of drought are usually times of plenty when rains come reliably.
    On two premise I question this piece.
    First, Did not the Lord in Genesis 8:22 clearly say that seasons and times would be as long as the earth remains? Also, Ecc 3 is clear about there being a time for everything.
    Second, I would ask, if the rains – and hence the food- have failed because we have sinned, does that then mean that, for example, the past ten years; the plenty we had was because Kenya had not sinned?

    My problem is this repentance that is for rain and food. This kind of repentance is alien to the New Testament Church. In the New Testament, any and all repentance is unto the Kingdom of God. The New Testament glorifies Jesus as the water of life, the bread of life, the light of the world, the sun of righteousness, the bright and morning star. Hence, the greatest repentance is evangelism. And the only solution to famine in Kenya is to push missions aggressively NOT to collect food and give for the sake of giving. All our giving must needs be accompanied by the gospel.
    Will it rain? Yes, and it will not be for repentance, it will be because God is good and he gives rain to the righteous and the wicked.
    This knee jerk reaction to prophetic happenings needs to stop. Jesus was clear that famines, diseases, calamities of every hue would overtake the world. And he warned us NOT to panic but to lift up our eyes.
    The agenda of our prayer must not be dictated to by the media, politics, accidents or incidents, but by the Holy Spirit. And we know that the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. And the Holy Spirit makes us witnesses unto Jesus.