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Prophetic Warning on Kenyan Drought — 2 Comments

  1. I have read this and I tend to disagree.
    As a Kenyan, I know that these famines come in cycles as a result of the drought cycles. There was in 92,93. Then in 2000, then mid last decade. In between these singular years of drought are usually times of plenty when rains come reliably.
    On two premise I question this piece.
    First, Did not the Lord in Genesis 8:22 clearly say that seasons and times would be as long as the earth remains? Also, Ecc 3 is clear about there being a time for everything.
    Second, I would ask, if the rains – and hence the food- have failed because we have sinned, does that then mean that, for example, the past ten years; the plenty we had was because Kenya had not sinned?

    My problem is this repentance that is for rain and food. This kind of repentance is alien to the New Testament Church. In the New Testament, any and all repentance is unto the Kingdom of God. The New Testament glorifies Jesus as the water of life, the bread of life, the light of the world, the sun of righteousness, the bright and morning star. Hence, the greatest repentance is evangelism. And the only solution to famine in Kenya is to push missions aggressively NOT to collect food and give for the sake of giving. All our giving must needs be accompanied by the gospel.
    Will it rain? Yes, and it will not be for repentance, it will be because God is good and he gives rain to the righteous and the wicked.
    This knee jerk reaction to prophetic happenings needs to stop. Jesus was clear that famines, diseases, calamities of every hue would overtake the world. And he warned us NOT to panic but to lift up our eyes.
    The agenda of our prayer must not be dictated to by the media, politics, accidents or incidents, but by the Holy Spirit. And we know that the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. And the Holy Spirit makes us witnesses unto Jesus.

  2. Fathetlr God, You see everything everywhere. You also see why.  Speak.  Say and tell the people why this is happening. Send Your people, Your messengers to go and speak. Touch the people’s hearts…mtjose in aithority to take note and to do as Ypu speak through Your prophets and apostles and Your righteous people, let them listen and do as You say so their lanf and fields and animals and children and people can be saved from famine and drought. Send Your word. Your powerful life filled word and prophecy and speak life to Kenya and her people and land.  Lord God work in the midst of the land and its people.  Teach the very core and hearts of marrow and bobe of soul and flesh.  Work by Your Spirit, Word and people and work salvation to save. In Jesus Christ name we pray Abba Father. Amen. Thank You that You hear us.

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