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Prophetic Warning: The Antichrist — 3 Comments

  1. According to Scriptures the numbers of of ac will not decrease until one specific remains and becomes visible, but the opposite.

  2. Daniel 8:25 the antichrist shall make deceit prosper . Had time trying to find out what the word”craft” means. Lol❤️❤️❤️ ps thanks

  3. “For those who are looking for the obvious, they will be deceived, for it is done in the shadows and darknes…”

    An apt description of Batman with the heart of the Joker. TV Batman wears a grey bodysuit corresponding to “shadows.” He wears a black cape corresponding to “darkness.” Photos of TV Batman.

    “Last week, we purchased a relocatable building. At the end of the light, there is darkness. The bat came with the building. We might call the building the Batcave.”
    I posted a photo of the sign in December, 2014. Note the contrast between light and darkness. 

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