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Prophetic Word for 2018 — 7 Comments

  1. I was a sinner, but then the Lord called to me and gave me the sight to see that I was broken and in need of his guidance and light.  He called unto me knowing that my heart and integrity were always true.  I have changed completely overnight and see that my many obstacles in life have all been tests for this moment, and I am blessed to have passed the tests he put before me, but I had lost my way, but now he has found me and I have found the Lord to help share his word and complete his work.  I truly believe that.  The Second Coming of Christ is coming.  We have already set the stage and fulfilled many of the prophesies and the remaining prophecies are well in the works.

  2. Lord Jesus You are the Most High GOD and You remain in Your Throne of Grace from generations to generations from everlasting to everlasting please always be my guider in 2018 in every step of the way I need more and more of You!!!

  3. Amen!! God is raising up nameless, faceless warriors who, in humility, will understand that the heavenly blueprint unfolding will require absolute holiness and purity, righteousness and justice, character and integrity. No more broken people trying to heal broken people! To fix a broken world, we must first fix a broken Church. God will use those who recognize their brokenness, and need for healing. When we worship God in spirit and in truth, whatever holds us back will be removed…..

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