Prophetic Word for Nigeria


You begin to ENTER the greatest five years of global influence.

The LORD gives the nation of Nigeria a new garment of influence and acceptability.

The LORD would say, You have wrestled with God and man and have prevailed.  I change your identity.

Initially, though I have brought great things through Nigeria, the bad was so much amplified.  You were treated with suspicion even in the nations because the enemy used some to give a wrong identity of my beloved nation Nigeria.

I begin to change those Jacobs into Israel.  Many innovations will come through Nigeria.

Many Nigerians will rise to great positions.

The LORD will begin to purge the land of false ministries that have robbed His people.

Satan has particularly asked God to sift Nigeria this year.  I believe I am not the first one to receive this message of sifting Nigeria this year.

If the church rises up to pray, the sifting will be controlled like Peters sifting.


~ Julius Suubi

Julius SuubiJulius Suubi of Highway of Holiness Ministries International



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