A Prophetic Word? Wait For It!


I went to this meeting.  There was a prophet there who was ministering and prophesying to the people.  

It was at a well known church; many had great respect for the leadership, and also for the other ministry.  It was back then; when there was a powerful move toward restoring true order to the church and a reaching out for the gifts of the Spirit, in full demonstration.

You went to large gatherings, where there was a deeper move of the Holy Ghost.  So many were hungry; the Spirit taught us so many things about Him.

I am amazed even now, at just how powerful and demonstrative the Holy Ghost was.  I’ve not seen the likes since.  It was nothing for the word of wisdom and word of knowledge, to operate between us and we flowed with it wholeheartedly.

The things that this minister was saying to folks, were really coming to pass.  With only a few words through the Holy Ghost, many received confirmations and serious instructions about their lives and those around them.

It’s alright if some make fun or deny such a thing.  If you’ve never been in the middle of that or even wished to, you couldn’t know the reality of it.

Suddenly, this prophet began to speak to me.  I won’t go into detail about the things he said, but I knew it was from God.  How would I know that?  There was an unction of the Spirit; a streak of revelation that went straight to my spirit and even down in my very bones.

It was about what God was going to do in my life, and my very own ministry.  There’s no time for skirting around the issue anymore.  If we did not need to be edified, the word would never have even been mentioned in the written word.

It stands to reason, that those who are scornful even now, have never been used in such a manner.

If the genuine Spirit of God speaks to us, whether to our spirit or from another person operating in these gifts, we never forget it.  We are not supposed to forget it; it will go with us throughout our entire lives.

At the end of this word, I was told that it was in a 3.  We must understand, that at the time, many of us were new to the deeper things of the Spirit.  It had not really been taught or encouraged up until then; at least, not in most places.  I searched for it; I mean, I looked everywhere to find it.  But, I didn’t.  We all ran into walls then.

Though it tarries, wait for it.  Many of us were given such kind of prophecies back when; we were led to certain verses in the written word.  It didn’t make total sense at the time.  We had a vision; there is no doubt that we did.

When you pray in the Spirit, fast and study the word of the LORD, you are going to grow.  You will move higher.  That was part of the problem.  Some of us were so intense, we actually moved far above many who had occupied pews and even pulpits for years.  Those who hunger for the Spirit, will be filled.

See, it was a time of renewal.  A fire was kindled, and a blaze erupted.

But the vision, was for an appointed time.  Let us say here, that if the watchman had not been at his post, he would not have received the message.

He waited to see what God would speak to him.  And he was willing to accept reproof.  It can take years for understanding to come.  It simply wasn’t time.

Many of these ministries that were formed in the desert, would not have been accepted until now.  In fact, there were few places to minister such things.  There are three words here, that changes everything: “at the end.”  It was not supposed to speak, until now.   And when it came, it would not lie.

The destruction, the failures, the loss of many people, is now worse than ever before.  So many driven out; others gave up waiting; life overtook many.  The chances of ministering in the Spirit, became less and less.

The desert, left so little to hope for.  Acceptance of futility, slowly took hold.  Reality: Many of us could never have been used the way God wants to use us today, if we had remained the way we were.

A total mindset, had to be revamped.  A complete emptying of the house, had to come first.  Some of us failed badly.  It was false thinking to believe that Jesus would not come looking for us.  Too much has been invested. It’s time, for our vision to speak.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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