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Prophets to the UK: Am I Alone in Thinking This Way? — 18 Comments

  1. Try this List: Gal 5:19: Romans 1-28-32 (23).  I so thank you for your prayer of repentance.  I heard a prophet whom i respect say words to the effect we had repented until our repenter was broken.  I wept.  So long as the Kingdom is not manifest and having overwritten and over ridden every evil edit and ha satan is in the pit we repent. and we keep on repenting! we are so carnal.  so full of flesh and selfish pride!  I hope the Lord inspire you to write another even more bold prayer.  If it does not cut away the flesh we perish.  the more flesh is crucified the more mitigating the grace of God in the midst of our judgement.

  2. try this one: https://www.youtube.com/live/KXn5fy7dqRQ?feature=share troy brewer the 23 prophecy.  I have been waiting for some one to speak this way in America also.  We look at acts done and allowed but Father only allows what we allow.  We have exactly what our hearts are reflecting!  I have been praying for new hearts and new hearts and new hearts.  morality sensibility and the fear of the LORD.  Everything i see happening is the fruit of the tree of good and evil and we better cut that root off NOW!  Stuff cannot be fixed, oh man for it came from your hearts and thoughts oh man!  Only that of the spirit can live and live forever!

  3. Well said Chris.
    I am a non-denominational pastor in Australia and the status quo is much the same. Most “prophets” like the nice things like prosperity, “revival”, church planting & growth, but rarely talk of making disciples and declaring absolute truth. John came to God’s people, not to the heathen, telling them to get ready for Messiah. His first words as were Jesus’ were “repent”. There are voices here, going to leaders and making some impact. My own ministry is modelled on John the baptist with the motto “Preparing the way.” It’s not popular, but necessary. I believe that the Lord is raising up such ministries around the world today, who are presently “hidden away” waiting to be released… waiting to give THE CHURCH Spirit filled biblical truths once more.

  4. Dear Chris,

    I had the same thoughts often that you had because I so often read in prophetic words that we should „stand up and use the authority we have to decree into the political atmosphere and situation.
    Just recently I read a word from two prophets of the UK and Netherlands…I asked myself: „Where do we see that things are changing by using our God given authority? Where do we see the authority of prophets exercised as an example for this???

    In one of sleepless nights recently I read into the book of Beni Johnson: „The happy intercessor“ where she described how she heard the Lord direct her to decree specifically or do some prophetic acts and see things or the spiritual atmosphere being turned around.
    We would need this to see and happen to be encouraged in our prayers and proklamations, or even hearing in such a clear way from the Lord….!!
    As Chris said, it was not only the OT prophets who spoke words of correction and judgment…!

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