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  1. Thank you, Neville, for this awesome truth! 
    Every detail is confirmed in my spirit! 
    In fact, I just completed a period of sanctification in my calling one could call a time of ‘scarcity’, as opposed to abundant provision. 
    By the Lord’s invitation, I chose to close my business & come out of the world’s economy, to come over to His Kingdom economy, during which time I was strongly tested. 
    He said He would provide for all of my needs, & for a period of about 6 months, that is exactly what He meant! 
    I can’t tell you how many times someone would give me a gift to help buy groceries for say $18 for example, only to see my short list of basic needs come to $17 and some change! 
    I walked in an office one day when someone who knew my situation asked me how I was getting along? 
    I told them I just ran out of propane in my RV (here in Alaska) & was concerned to get my bottle refilled before night so that my plumping pipes wouldn’t freeze. 
    Another customer pulled out his wallet & asked me how much it would cost to refill my tank? 
    I said, about $14, I thought.  He only had $15 cash in his wallet, & so gave it all to me. 
    That test period is now over, but I can tell you by the grace of God that ‘chips & dip’ with soda is not really a ‘big need’. 
    Cheers!  rick

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