How to Read the Bible


The Lord gave me a vision this morning in two parts.

After reading “We are living in times when the revolutionaries of the future will arise.  They are rising now!  These are people filled with discernment and understanding of the times and the activity of the enemy”, [1] I reached for a fluorescent liner and marked the text for later review, thinking “Yes Lord!”  As I lifted the marker off the page the Lord showed me a very clear and detailed picture of a portion of stained glass work.  The lead work was of wonderful quality, black, sharp and perfectly made.  But the glass, though translucent, was an all-over pale grey colour, flat, but beautifully textured with a very fine etched even grain.  Technically, it was a marvellous piece of work, but as I looked, I asked myself, what does this mean?  Where does it come from?  What is the point – it’s all monotone grey?  The glass was grey and uninviting, though the black lattice, the lead-work filigree was beautiful.  I shook my head, confused.

Then the Lord showed me the second part of the vision:

I saw a large medieval Gothic church stained glass window and behind it was a strong circular light I took to be the Glory itself.  As I looked at that shimmering light, it backlit and illuminated the whole window.  Suddenly all was clear, bright, vibrant and a joy to behold.  This is what stained glass is all about!  Then I heard the Lord telling me: if I look toward Him when I read the Bible, He will illuminate it for me and I will see His Word in all its revealed glory.  I will see the large picture and I will see the small detail.  All will be in glorious colour and clarity.  Focus on Me, He said, and all will be revealed through the Word.  But if you turn you back to me to read My Word, I will shine over your shoulder and illuminate the text, the ink and the quality of the paper.  You may marvel as that which is revealed, but you will miss the message altogether.  For as Jesus said, He speaks “to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.”

Thank you Lord for your rhēma Word.

Amen and Amen.

[1]“Interpreting the Times” by Chuck D. Pierce, p27.  Published by Charisma House, 2008.

image iconInterpreting The Times: How God intersects with our lives to bring revelation and understandingimage icon>”  by Chuck D. Peirce

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