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  1. We as the Body of Christ need to understand what authority we have in Him, and we need to learn to use our weapons that He gave us to fight.

  2. Yes, we saw it in the 90’s in Toronto. Our church was not in Toronto but would get very messy on Sunday mornings. As God moved we also had many manifestations and it was from the church and not new people. Some were repenting, and we were in a back room with a floor full of hungry, confused and many manifesting and needing deliverance. It really quite overwhelming because few were equipped to handle it. We had to call for my dad. To come over once as someone was manifesting and jumping three feet off the pews and snarling. As soon as my dad got there there he just commanded the demon to stop and it did right away. There had been satanic priests in this family. It all stopped as my my dad commanded the demon in Jesus name. As you said and the Lord brought this to mind, most churches are not ready to minister on this sustained level and do not know how to set a captive free. This has given me a burden to intercede for this. We want revival but it is costly.

    • You are absolutely correct, dearly beloved Sister Patricia! It will cost us to continue carrying our cross in Jesus Christ, much prayer in the Spirit, fasting, seeking God’s Face, walking out in faith boldly, for the Lord. I know it is not easy, but certainly accessible, in the Strength of God, in the Power of his Might, individually and collectively. Thank you, for sharing this post. I thank God, for Minister Chris Bennett, his platform, God given words to impart to the Church, we need it. The fear of God, is at a minimum, but I sincerely believe that God’s discipline will bring many into his divine plan and will and then some will still resist the Lord, but at what price.

      God is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, but cannot allow sin or things to continue as they are, the stench of sin, I believe, has reached the nostrils of God, in the heavens. God’s will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. God bless you!♥️

  3. I’m ready and completely understand, that is all about the perfect divine will of God. There are so many personal and fleshly agendas, some involve spiritual, but not God’s perfect will. As mentioned above, it truly is about humility, total surrending to the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to govern and orchestrate our plans to God’s perfect will, as we get in a position to be used unexpectedly, at any given time.

    It has always been about the jewels, the souls to God.Many are trying to force their plans and will against the Lord’s, that will not and cannot work, we must submit individually, as well as collectively, being the Body of Christ. I was born to serve our heavenly Father God, in Jesus Christ, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead with all things in my life. Many make plans to the extent, as if they plan on being on earth forever. We make plans naturally, but should always seek God’s perfect will for our lives, for the nations, because we are living in a time, where we a the Church, are in the center of great warfare, but many don’t have the full armor on, not realizing that God has been instructing us to do so for years. Love you brother and thank you, for sharing this post, Minister Bennett. I apologize for venting a little, just wondering will the Church as a whole, move out in God’s will, according to His Word.♥️

  4. Yes .Amen
    In humility
    In The Fear of The LORD
    and in anticipation of The Holy Spirit’s arrival!
    Lord help me & and Mercy on me more humility !More Fear of the LORD
    and in anticipation of The Holy Spirit’s arrival!

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