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Realign Your Faith, Hope and Expectations! — 8 Comments

  1. Resist doubt and unbelief in this hour of great testing. Hold fast to your Expectation, Faith, and Trust in My Divine Timing in all things, and watch as I work all things together for your good!”…thank you!

  2. Amen & Amen!!
    I’ll wait patiently for the Lord to act, for He who promised is Faithfully watching over His Word to perform it!!
    Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself Veronica, transparency is powerful!!:)

  3. Amen!  Just before reading this, I had read about Jesus meeting two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus, following His resurrection.  They did not recognise Him in person, and were disappointed that when they had known Him before in being physically present, He had not “redeemed” Israel in their understanding of the word.  And, yet something much, much greater had happened – as His disciples were soon about to discover.  “Weeping may endure for a might, but joy comes in the morning.”

  4. You used the one word that I have been seeing in my mind the Lord as the Great Conductor or a Orchestra !  Wands in His hands directing the ends & outs of our lives & the happenings of the Earth.  His symphony is playing with Him standing & guiding with music great than Mozart.  I love that you used that word, I also just went to Rick Joyner’s conference & he brought up the word Orchestra also !  Love love love love it !  God is good

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