Receive Quickening Grace From Heaven!


Get ready to receive a ‘quickening grace’ from heaven!!

Early hours of this morning, I heard the holy ghost whisper, “I AM releasing My quickening grace upon the lives of My people in this hour, receive, receive, receive!!”

I Prophesy:

There is a “Quickening Wind of Grace” being released from Heaven over your life today.

I see the Holy Spirit take the hidden mysteries of God and begin to reveal them to you conveying them as “living power“.

Get Ready for the greater manifestations of the Spirits Power through your life and in your family.  Remain open, obedient and expectant!

Today, fully yield and surrender yourselves as instruments for the Holy Spirit’s working.

I see this Quickening Wind of Grace blowing over every area of your lives.

I see it begin to work in you to deny old inclinations, break holding cycles and limitations, a Wind to equip and empower you to overcome powerful propensities, the transforming Power of this “Quickening Wind of Grace,” will enable you to begin to form new habits in your life.  It will change your direction and set you on a difference path which will lead you to and through the Door of New Beginnings, New life and New areas of Influence and Impact.

Get Ready, God is releasing this Quickening Grace to refresh, reignite reinvigorate, regenerate and restore many that have been warring against weariness, fatigue and frustration.

Yes, God is calling us in this hour to come into harmony with a new and divine pattern, there is a Mighty Rushing Wind coming upon the people of God in this hour.

It is a Wind of Acceleration, Activation and Awakening, no longer will the Warriors of God be discouraged, distracted, derailed, or discomfited by the powers of the enemy, but rather they will arise strong, steadfast, faithful and in great victory.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Powerful Awesome Words Spoken this day, June 17,2016 I receive it Almighty God, your Quickening Grace Glory, honor, and praises to you on high. Thank You. W

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