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Recognize the Traps of the Enemy — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, my sister in Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for these declarations. I appreciate all your help, the love and care by words and prayers from all of you at HKP.
    Concerning the traps of the enemy, Part 2 of your message: I know them.
    I thank GOD, He helped me to see them.  As most of you know, I get tortured and tormented like a prisoner in my home and on every road since years.
    The hidden strategists and operators even know when I turn my body in my bed, when I breathe, when I go out and when I come home.
    Last night they made again noise terror by loud bangs in the wall. Immediately after I leave home for work or for doing errands or no matter where I go: They are electronically networked to be there a few minutes later, or even before, for they spy and listen through bugs. Everywhere.
    You are right, sister, we must focus on better things. We must spend our time wisely. But when facing provocations in the nights, then on computer and phone by day, every minute, every hour, 24/7/365, and on the roads cartel-signalling (black gloves and stones, lots of paperclips, oranges, hairbonds, broken plants etc., even directly into my workplace last weekend) it is not easy to focus on the things that must be done.
    This is one of the purposes of gang stalking: To break the targeted individual. To destroy reputation, dignity, health, income and everything.
    BUT GOD – GOD HAS SENT THOUSANDS OF ANGELS TO BRING ME THROUGH THIS SICK EVIL WORLD. And GOD will soon force them to give up all persecution, and finally He will judge and punish them for what they have done against His saints.

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